Happy Fit Footwear was established in October 2019 by Jane Earl. Jane is a podiatrist with over 20 years experience. Throughout her career she has shared footwear advice with her patients and understands the challenges many people face finding footwear to meet their specific needs. A compromise was often needed either on style or comfort. When introducing an orthotic to the shoe, or considering specific work pace dress code requirements, achieving the right fit was even more difficult. Jane and her husband Dr Clayton Clews, a podiatric foot and ankle surgeon shared a vision for creating a destination footwear store specialising in stylish, comfort footwear. They wanted to establish a shoe store which would deliver the most comprehensive range of comfortable, stylish and orthotic friendly footwear in Canberra. The brands sold at Happy Fit Footwear come with the endorsement of Jane and Clayton’s combined experience of over 50 years in podiatric practice. Happy Fit Footwear is managed by Debbie Betts. Deb joined Jane and Clayton as a receptionist at their podiatry practice, ACT Podiatry, in 2017. Deb soon demonstrated a dedication to a high level of customer service and was received very well by our patients. Her passion for fashion (specifically shoes), became evident when we launched a Revere and Vionic retail outlet within our two podiatry practices. Deb is assisted in the store by a team of sales assistants who have all been personally trained by Jane and Clayton to measure and fit your shoes correctly. If you wear orthotics, let our friendly staff know and they will guide you to our extensive range of shoes with removable foot beds. Your orthotics may need to be narrowed or adjusted slightly to achieve the optimal fit. Talk to us and let us organise this for you.

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